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In any infrastructure


Issuance of official documents


Regulatory compliance


Global solutions and custom


A solution to shortcomings and anomalies


Installation of telephone, television and data


Electrical repairs of all kinds

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About us

Company founded in the year 2004 in Asturias. We undertake all types of electrical installations in the industrial, tertiary and housing, both new as maintenance work.

We are a small family business, but constantly update and training to be able to provide the best services.

Instalaciones <

Facilities in the housing, local

comercioales, in warehouses, in any

site that need an installation

> Certificates

We issue official documents that certify

that the facilities comply with all

legal requirements you need

Telecomunicaciones <

Implementation and monitoring of facilities

telephony, television and data

> Maintenance

We offer global solutions and

custom, adaptadoas customers to

you have the peace of mind that you deserve and

detect future incidents

Subsanaciones <

Subsanamos deficiencies and anomalies

found in the technical inspections

low-voltage made by a GOOSE. 

> Legalization

Need to make a substantial reform

of the same in the case of facilities

electrical ancient, compliance with the


Reparaciones <

We carry out repairs elécticas in housing,

buildings, communities, parking garages, local

commercial, offices, etc

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Calle el cruce 7, 33424, Posada de llanera (Asturias)

985 77 30 06


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